What is Chic Marie?
Chic Marie is a fashion subscription service that allows members to borrow clothing. Each shipment includes 3 pieces of clothing. Once you're done enjoying your pieces of clothing, simply return them to receive a new selection. Chic Marie offers access to an extensive unlimited wardrobe, which will surely fulfil the sartorial dreams of every woman. Fashion clothing delivered right to your door as often as you’d like. The new way to dress and try new styles. 
How does Chic Marie work?
For a monthly membership fee, rent up to 3 boxes of clothes per month. Each delivery contains 3 different pieces you can wear for as long as you wish. You can then renew your selection according to your needs. 1, 2 or 3 boxes a month? It’s up to you and the price doesn’t change. Yep, it means up to 9 different items per month!
How do I join Chic Marie?
To sign up, click 'Sign in' in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and a password. Then fill out the required information.
What membership options are available?
Two membership options are available to you: CASUAL and CLASSIC.
For 65$ per month, you can rent everyday fashionable and trendy clothes from our wardrobe.
For 95$ per month, you will have access to all the items in our wardrobe. Not only can you rent any item in our CASUAL collection, you also have the luxury to wear more upscale designer-brand items.
How do I choose items for my order?
1. Browse our selection in 'Wardrobe'.
2. You can filter by collection (Casual or Classic), by type or by size.
3. If you like an item, save it to your personal 'Closet' by clicking 'Add to my selection'. You can add as many items as you want in your personal closet.
4. Once you are ready, go to 'My Selection' in the upper right corner. Select 3 pieces with "Add to box"
5. Click "Checkout" and you're done!
Once you have chosen your item(s) and confirmed your order, we’ll ship it to you within 1-3 business days.
How many items do I receive in each order?
You must select 3 items of clothes in each order.
How many items can I order each month?
You can order up to 3 boxes per month. Therefore, you can receive up to 9 items monthly.
How often do you add new garments?
We will make new additions every month! Sign up to our newsletter or visit our website weekly to browse our new arrivals.
In what condition are the clothes?
We take great care of our items to ensure they arrive like new with every delivery. The clothing is dry cleaned between each order. We of course cover the dry cleaning costs.
What if an item in my order doesn't fit or I don't like it?
Contact us and we will find a suitable solution.
Do I have to wash or clean the items before I send them back?
We handle the cleaning of all items. Please don't wash or dry clean any of the items on your own. We've become experts at the cleaning process and want to make sure the items stay in mint condition!
Am I able to tailor any of my items?
No, we do not allow alterations on any of our items.


What are the shipping fees?
We cover all shipping fees ALL ACROSS CANADA!
When will my order arrive?
Allow up to 1-3 days for your order to arrive at your door.
How do I order my next box?
When you're ready, return your items using the provided pre-paid Canada Post label. You can place your next order as soon as Canada Post confirms by email to our staff that your previous box has been shipped to our warehouse. You can then simply log in to your account to choose the contents of your next box.
How do I return my items?
When you wish to order new items, here's how to return your box:
1. Put all the items in the delivery box. We ask you to use this box to make your return, and to return all items in your return - otherwise they will be charged as purchases.
2. Affix the prepaid return label that was provided to you upon delivery.
3. Drop your package in a Canada Post office of your choice.
Can I track my shipment and return?
Yes! Once your box has left our warehouse, you will receive an email containing the tracking number so you can track your box directly on the Canada Post website. As for the return of your items, you can also track them by using the tracking number on the prepaid return label that you affixed on your return box.
How long can I keep the items?
You can keep up to 3 items for an unlimited amount of time, as long as your membership is in good standing. Keep them for a week or an entire season — it’s up to you! Return all the items in your box and you are ready to order a new one.
Do I have to return all my items at the same time?
Yes. Before proceeding to your next order, you need to return all 3 items in your box, otherwise they will be charged ad purchases.


Oops, I spilled some wine…What do I do?
We suggest you take advantage of our insurance coverage for an additional $5 a month so you can wear our clothes worry-free. If you are not insured, your card will be charged according to the extent of the damages. Please note that you can add the insurance option at any time between deliveries.
What does the insurance cover?
The insurance covers minor damages to the clothes, such as a wine stain or a lost button. By 'minor damages', we mean any damages that will not prevent the said garment to be rented in the future.
The insurance does not however cover theft or major damages, i.e. any damages that make the garment unsuitable to be rented.
What happens if an item arrives damaged?
This very rarely happens, but sometimes items get damaged in transit. Please contact us and we’ll immediately send you a new item.


How do I update my billing and shipping information for my membership?
You can update your billing information and shipping address in your account settings under “My Profile”. Please note that the shipping address listed in your account settings will be where all of your orders are sent.
How do I cancel my membership?
Your monthly membership automatically renews and you will be billed on the same day every month to your payment method on file. You can cancel your membership directly in your account at least 3 days before the end of your current billing period. Please note that you need to return all your items before you can cancel your membership.
I need a break, can I put my account on hold?
If you would like to pause your membership, please sign in and select the desired duration of the interruption in your account settings.
How will I be billed for my membership?
Your first payment will be processed once you confirm your membership. Your monthly membership then automatically renews and you will be billed on the same day every month to your payment method on file.
Are there any late fees?
Since you can keep the items for an unlimited amount of time, there are no late fees, as long as your membership is in good standing.


Can I buy the items listed on your website?
Our monthly subscribers can buy all items inserted into their monthly box at any time during their rental. Non subscribing members can also buy items appearing exclusively in the "Sales" section of the website. Shipping fees for orders above $100 (excl. taxes) will be free - shipping fees for orders below $100 (excl. taxes) will be $10 per order.
Can I buy the items in my order?
If you like an item after renting it, you can buy it at a fraction of the retail price. To purchase an item you have at home, sign in into your account under 'My current box' click the "Buy" button next to the desired article.
If I am not satisfied with an item that I bought, can I return it?
You have seven (7) business days to return the merchandise, starting the day of the purchase. Returns made by our monthly subscribers will be free - returns made by non subscribing clients will be at the client's expense. Do not forget to put a copy of you receipt in your return box! All returns accepted within the seven (7) business days delay will be added in credits to the client's account. Since the sales made in the "Sales" section are finale, no exchange will be possible.
Do you proceed to an annual sale?
Yes! We have two biannual inventory sales in order to sell certain items from our wardrobe. These inventory sales are exclusive to Chic Marie membership holders. All sales are final.


How long does the trial last?
The duration of the free trial period is either 10 or 14 days, depending on the promotion available on the website, starting on the day of the activation of free trial period. The free trial is only available when activated on the website, which is only a couple of time per year.
How do I start my free trial?
In order to take advantage of this trial, you must first create your online account at by filling out the requested information. Then, you only have to select whether you want the Casual trial or the Classic trial.
I cannot activate my free trial, what do I do?
Make sure all sections of your Profile have been completed, including the "Payment" Section - the credit card information will be needed, as an insurance for us in case of stolen items.
What do I get in my box?
Each box contains 3 items previously chosen by you.
Do I have to wash or clean the items before I send them back?
We handle the cleaning of all items. Please don't wash or dry clean any of the items on your own. We've become experts at the cleaning process and want to make sure the items stay in mint condition.
Do I have to pay the shipping fees?
No, we cover all shipping fees.
Do I need to return the clothes a couple of days before my renewal date?
No! Exceptionnally for the free trial, you can send the clothes on your renewal date, we only need return confirmation to cancel the subscription, no need to have received the clothes before hands.
How do I return my items?
When you wish to return your items, here's how to proceed:
1. Put all the items in the delivery box. We ask you to use this box to make your return.
2. Affix the prepaid return label that was provided in your Chic Marie box.
3. Drop your package in a Canada Post office of your choice.
When will my order arrive?
Allow up to 1-3 days for your order to arrive at your door.
Why do I have to enter my credit card information?
As a safety measure against theft and damage to the clothes, we kindly ask that you provide your payment information. 
What happens after my free trial?
After your 10 or 14 days free trial, you will automatically be enrolled in the monthly subscription corresponding to the trial you previously chose, whether or not you have ordered a box during the free trial period.
Can I cancel my free trial anytime?
Before the end of your trial period, you can cancel anytime by contacting us. Please also note that all clothing in your possession must be returned at our warehouse prior to cancellation. It is your responsability to return the clothes before Holidays, if necessary.
Can I pause my account during the free trial?
No. It is not possible to put the account on vacation during the trial period. Any suspension during the trial period is not valid.
I am a current Chic Marie member, can I enjoy the free trial?
The free trial is only available to new clients. Current subscribers (regular or VIP) cannot subscribe.


What is Scarlett?
Scarlett is an artificial intelligence tool that enables our clients to fill out a fashion survey in order to receive a personalised box based on their taste, personnality, and past history of purchases and rentals. A virtual stylist, Scarlett, who knows you better than your best friend! 
How does Scarlett works?
Simple! Simply fill out our fashion survey once, and then click on the option "Let Chic Marie create the box for me", in your account, when you were about to complete your box. Your special box, chosen specifically for you, will then be on your way!  
If I want to choose my clothes for a special occasion, do I always need to have Scarlett?
No! The option to use Scarlett can be deactivated at any time. 
Is Scarlett free?
Yes, for all of our monthly and VIP clients. The tool is not available for purchases only.
Will Scarlett know my taste and my size perfectly?
As for any real stylist, there's some time to be allowed to really make sure the artificial intelligence really gets what you want and need. We suggest our clients to use Scarlett at least three (3) times to see the real value and potential of the option.


What types of accessories options are available?
Two options are available: SILVER and GOLD
For a monthly 5$, you can add one (1) accessory to each box, for up to 3 accessories per month.
For a monthly 10$, you can add three (3) accessories to each box, for up to 9 accessories per month.
How do I subscribe to an accessories option?
To subscribe, just log in to your account under the 'Subscription' section, click 'Changing Options' and select the option that suits you. Then click on "Continue" to confirm your subscription. The option will be active immediately.
Can I only subscribe to an accessories option without a clothing membership?
No. In order to benefit from our accessories, you must first have an active Casual or Classic membership.
Should I absolutely include an accessory in my box?
Yes. If you subscribed to an accessories option, you must include in your order the number of accessories corresponding to your chosen option (1 or 3 accessories per box).
In what state are the accessories?
We take great care of our accessories so that they look as new with each shipment. We take care of the cleaning of all our accessories. Please do not wash or clean any of our items, expressly do not use chemicals on them. We use biodegradable and non-allergenic products to ensure the quality and durability of our accessories.
Can I purchase an accessory?
No. It is not possible to purchase any of our accessories.
How do I return the accessories?
The accessories must be returned at the same time than the clothes in the box to that effect.
What happens if I do not return the accessories at the same time as the clothes?
For each accessory that has not been returned, an amount of 30.00$ will be charged.
What happens if I break an accessory?
If an accessory is damaged, a fee of 30.00$ will be charged.
Do I have to return all items at the same time?
Yes. All garments and accessories in the same order must be returned together before proceeding to the selection of your next box.
Does the insurance cover damage to accessories?
No. The insurance only covers damage to the clothes.
Can I cancel my option at any time?
Yes. Simply click "Changing Options" and select the 'None' option. Then click on "Continue" to confirm. The change will be effective immediately.
How will I be billed for my option?
You will be charged for the first time when you have confirmed your option. Subsequently, your option automatically renews on the same date as your Casual or Classic membership.
I have a VIP membership, how does it work for the accessories option?
If you subscribe to an accessories option, it will be active until the end of your VIP membership. The amount billed corresponds the number of months remaining on your VIP subscription, including the current month. Subsequently, the package automatically renews itself on the same date as your VIP membership.