A new look. Every day.

Chic Marie offers an unlimited wardrobe that will meet the needs of women from all walks of life. Trendy clothes delivered to the door as often as desired. This is the new way of dressing and daring new styles.

  • 1. Shop

    Select your favourite pieces by clicking on the heart icon.

    Choose your subscription plan.

    Answer a short Fashion Quiz to let Scarlett, our AI, style you perfectly.

    In your Selection, choose the 3 items that will be sent to you.

  • 2. Receive

    Receive and unwrap your box!

    Dare to wear new styles and try out new looks.

    Wear the clothes and receive the compliments!

  • 3. Repeat

    Return your 3 items in the original box and prepare your next order.

    Give feedback to Scarlett to let her know you even better.

    Repeat these 3 steps at will; up to 3 boxes a month.

    Participate to our initiative « D’une femme... à l’autre » with Le Chaînon

    Simply insert your used clothes in the donation bag meant for that purpose.

  • 4. Love it? Buy it!

    Can’t live without one of our items?

    Sign in to your account to purchase it!

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  • How does Chic Marie work?

    For $65 or $95 a month, rent up to 3 boxes of clothes per month. Each delivery contains 3 different pieces you can wear for as long as you wish. You can then renew your selection according to your needs. 1, 2 or 3 boxes a month? It’s up to you and the price doesn’t change.

  • How do I order my next box?

    You can place your next order as soon as Canada Post confirms by email to our staff that your previous box has been shipped to our warehouse. You can then simply log in to your account to choose the contents of your next box.

  • In what condition are the clothes?

    We take great care of our items to ensure they arrive like new with every delivery. The clothing is dry cleaned between each order. We of course cover the dry cleaning costs.

  • Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

    No! Your membership is paid on a monthly basis with a preauthorized payment. You can end your membership at any time. Please note that you will have to return all our clothes before you can cancel a membership.

  • What if I don’t like an item?

    Contact us and we will find a suitable solution.

  • Oops, I spilled some wine…What do I do?

    We suggest you take advantage of our insurance coverage for $5 a month so you can wear our clothes worry-free. If you are not insured, your card will be charged according to the extent of the damages. Please note that you can add the insurance option at any time between deliveries.